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Crown/Bridge Cementation

Post-Treatment Recommendations

Today your crown or bridge was cemented on your tooth. The tooth will be much stronger than before and will be able to resist fractures better. Keep in mind that good oral hygiene habits at home will be a major factor in your comfort and the success of your crown/bridge. It is important to keep the gum tissue healthy surrounding the crown/bridge. (With a bridge, you will need a special floss threader or other aids to reach and clean all areas properly).

Anesthesia (If anesthetic was used):

  • You will continue to be under the effects of the anesthetic for several hours following your treatment. Depending on the type of anesthetic you had, the lower arch will most likely stay numb longer than the upper arch.

  • Please use caution when eating or drinking anything while numb. We recommend a soft and moderate temperature diet during this time. Avoid hot, hard or chewy foods so you do not burn or bite yourself for the next few hours.

  • Occasionally there is soreness in the injection site, which can last a day or two. If soreness persists, ibuprofen or acetaminophen may help with this discomfort.

What to expect

  • The tissue around your tooth/teeth may be tender or a day or so. Be sure to keep this area clean by brushing and flossing. Warm salt water rinses will soothe the gum tissue. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen may also help with any post-operative sensitivity.
  • It is not unusual to experience some sensitivity to hot or cold for a few days.


  • When taking any medications, be sure to read the label for directions, allergy alerts and warnings. Follow directions on the label or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

When to call our office:

  • If you experience sensitivity to pressure, pain that wakes you up when you're sleeping or spontaneous pain that occurs when you are not eating or drinking.

  • If your bite feels high or uneven.
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